RMSYL 7: Aubade by Philip Larkin (recited by William Sieghart)

William Sieghart

“Death is something that has come to bite me quite a lot. As so often happens, people turn to poetry in times of grief and need, and therefore my connection to poetry has often been dealing with both loneliness and grieving. That’s perhaps what attracts me to this poem. It seems to say a lot about how I feel about the world and what I have to contend with myself.”  William Sieghart


William Sieghart is founder and Chairman of Forward Thinking, a London-based NGO founded in 2003. FT works with the leadership of all parties on both sides of the divide in the Israel/Palestine conflict.  He is also the founder of the Forward Poetry Prize, Britain’s largest prizes for poetry and National Poetry Day.


The Forward Arts Foundation: http://www.forwardartsfoundation.org/
Forward Thinking: http://www.forwardthinking.org/
Read Aubade online: http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/178058
Music used in the podcast: Aubade 

3 responses to “RMSYL 7: Aubade by Philip Larkin (recited by William Sieghart)

  1. This is beautiful.

  2. Fiona McDermott

    Steve, RMSYL is a fantastic initiative – thankyou for it! This podcast was very good – but then I’ve enjoyed and learned something from each one I’ve listened to. They’ve taken me to new writers/poets and back to ‘old’ familiar ones which I hear with new ears. Thought-provoking, insightful and how good is it to eavesdrop on truly interesting conversations. Thanks again!

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