RMSYL 12: The Ledge by Lawrence Sargent Hall (read by Vanessa Gebbie) – Part 1

Vanessa Gebbie reading me something she loves

As teeth-gnashing the editing of these readings can sometimes be (how to compress down an hour or more of fine chat into just 40 minutes of podcastery?) one of the things I really love about doing this, is being reminded of just how much I enjoyed a particular discussion.

The reading and chat you’re just about to listen to with Vanessa Gebbie occurred 18 days ago.

Two and a half weeks can leech a great deal from the memory banks. I’ve had to resort to Google to help me remember what biscuits I took along for the reading (M&S Cranberry & Orange, and a packet of Fruity Flapjack cookies – thank you britstore.co.uk). And a few lines scribbled in a notebook nudge the neurons about a piece of writing advice that Vanessa dropped my way in one of the car journeys she also most kindly provided to get me from Lewes train station to our recording venue, and back again.

But the best aide-memoire is the sound of a recorded voice, letting you relive the time, place, and emotional unfolding of an experience as often as you want to. Which is what I’ve been doing very pleasurably in the last few evenings preparing this reading for your aural delight.

The story’s a pretty long one, so we’ve decided to split it up into two. I’ll post the next section in a couple of days’ time. There’s plenty to mull over in episode one though.

Enjoy. If you fancy, and can stop yourself from checking with the Almighty G. (God/Gebbie, or Google, take your pick) to see what happens next, you might even drop us a hint of where your surmisings are going on this one in the Comments section below.


2 Responses to RMSYL 12: The Ledge by Lawrence Sargent Hall (read by Vanessa Gebbie) – Part 1

  1. A beautiful reading. Love the idea of #storygym too – look forward to checking it out.

  2. one of my favourite short stories beautifully read…looking forward to the next installment.

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