RMSYL 51: A Room Forever by Breece D’J Pancake

a-room-forever“BECAUSE of New Year’s I get the big room, eight-dollar room. But it seems smaller than before; and sitting by the window, looking out on the rain and town, I know the waiting eats at me again.



2 Responses to RMSYL 51: A Room Forever by Breece D’J Pancake

  1. Timothy Sweeting

    Hi Steve,
    This poem did move me along with others I have listen to. There is something about the rawness of it. The author states exactly what they mean and is not bothered about censoring for political correctness or womens’ rights etc. I hate censoring. Without people like yourself spreading truth, honesty and straight thoughts the world of creativity would disappear forever. What unearth am I talking about?

    I am talking about suppressed thoughts and ideas (typically mens). As a psychology student, I was tipped over the edge when I could not talk about a scientific theory. It was like telling someone they could not use the right side of their brain. I keep wondering if politicians actually know what creativity is? I believe it comes from freedom; something I find and connect with in your recordings.

    • Hey Timothy, thank you for stopping by to respond to this short story.

      This is the power of fiction, isn’t it, allowing us to voice some of those more shadowy parts of our psyche without being held accountable to any one ideology. It’s very freeing, I agree with you.

      And it’s freeing to read these words, even though I also find it quite painful in the story when the narrator loses his connection to others and voices some quite cruel perspectives. What I love about the story is that you can see, just by little hints dropped by Pancake here and there, that his cruelty and user-mentality are most likely defences. A whole history of trauma and abandonment is hinted at which helps explain the narrator’s cut-off state.

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