RMSYL 19: Bones of the Inner Ear by Kiana Davenport (Read by Jarred McGinnis)

I love this photo of Jarred McGinnis reading Kiana Davenport‘s incredible ‘Bones of the Inner Ear’.

Firstly because it captures something of JM-himself (dude + lovely[1] bloke).

But also because it makes me feel like Chazz “Kujan” Palminteri at the end of The Usual Suspects when he realises that “Verbal” (played by Kevin Spacey) has used all the gewgaws, clutter and bulletin board visuals of Rabin’s office to create a manufactured alibi.

As if everything you needed to know, but would also be somewhat misled in knowing about McGinnis might be found in the “family” portraits on the wall, the union-jack and Eddie Adam’s image inspired cushion cover.

Kiana’s short story collection House of Skin, in which this story can be found,  may be purchased for a limited period of time from Amazon at the reduced price of £0.77. If you enjoyed Jarred’s reading of the story, take advantage of this deal while it’s still on!

To hear the 2nd part of this story read aloud: http://soundcloud.com/readme-something-you-love/bones-of-the-inner-ear-by]

Jarred’s website is called It’s Wicked To Mock The Afflicted, and can be found by moving that little arrow on your screen and clicking on this link.

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  1. I’m not sure what the current linguistic etiquette is on using the word “lovely” and “nice” – I suspect it’s seen as a “woolly” non-word, but surely this is the only adjective that really matters. It’s like the noun “mensch”. You’ve got to be nice to be a mensch, maybe even lovely. Unavoidable, I’m afraid, wannabe-menschen.

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