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RMSYL 14: Waitress and Visiting Shandong by Han Dong (read by Nicky Harman) – part 2

Nicky & HD9A few weeks ago you heard Nicky Harman reading a poem from my Chinese doppelganger, Han Dong, whose short story ‘Deer Park’ can also be heard on this site.

One or two emails from newfound Chinese fans have suggested I just hand the whole project over to HD, and rename the site

I would be happy to do this if enough of you went out and bought his books from the great Probsthain in London (or the usual outlets) and were then willing to commit the oeuvre to MP3, LibriVox-style.

Until then, open for other suggestions too.


RMSYL 6: A Loud Noise by Han Dong (read by Nicky Harman)

Nicky Reading HD2In a recent self-google 1 through the trillion images that float around us in the ether, I noticed that I have a doppelgänger and his name is Han Dong 2.

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  1. If you’re one of those people who claims to never have self-googled, then either a) You’re lying, or b) you have the self-discipline of a saint, or c) you’re lying. 
  2. Apologies to all our Chinese listeners for my pronunciation of Han’s surname in this podcast. I give it as DONG like King KONG, rather than utilising, as Nicky does, the more elegant, and presumably more phonologically correct schwa  sound