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RMSYL 30: Gemma Seltzer reads Tom-Rock Through the Eels by Amy Hempel

gemma seltzerGemma Seltzer is cool. I am probably not the first person to arrive at this estimation of her, and I shall no doubt be one of a very orderly queue lining up to say so now and in the future. Her book  Speak To Strangers has everything in it that I find exciting and compelling about creative nonfiction. Which some people call docufiction. Anyway, one of those reality-hungry hybrids. You’d probably just call it great writing if you were to read it, which you should, which it is – formulated around a beautifully simple and elegant notion. This short story has nothing to do with E’s Eels (those Novocaine For The Soul Eels), but you still might need some 2-(diethylamino)ethyl 4-aminobenzoate after listening. It’s powerful stuff. That’s what we dispense over here at RMYSL The Chemist.