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RMSYL 29: In the Waiting Room by Elizabeth Bishop (read by Alexander MacLeod)

In the last few days, two events have played themselves out.

To be more precise: an almost infinite number of events have occured if you’re willing to squish down to the atomic and subatomic (which I am).

Yesterday, for example, a posse of geo-neutrino particles, 1,800 miles below the earth’s surface, instead of just passing through the gooey core of molten metal with zero interaction (as anti-matter is wont to do), Continue reading


‘Light Lifting’ by Alexander MacLeod

Sons and fathers. Fathers and sons.

Before I say anything of note, let me tell you this:

a) I only got vaguely interested in Tim Buckley after falling for the grunge-folk-choral charms of Jeff. I am still only vaguely interested in Tim. I think this is quite a common reaction from us Generation Xers.

b) Uncommonly, perhaps even heretically, I prefer the music of Sean Lennon to John. I have yet to decide where my allegiances lie when Julian is introduced into this aesthetic arbitration.  I don’t get Yoko.   Continue reading