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RMSYL 26: The Garden Party (read by Emily Midorikawa) vs. Mrs Dalloway (read by Emma Claire Sweeney)

Emma Claire Sweeney and Emily Midorikawa reading

“Because our friendship has been so important to our progress as  writers (as well as human beings), we wanted to find out about friendships between other female authors we loved. We all know quite a lot about male writer friends: Wordsworth & Coleridge, Hemingway & Fitzgerald. But who was Jane Austen’s friend? Who was George Eliot’s? Emma Claire Sweeney & Emily Midorikawa


Emily Midorikawa is a half-English, half-Japanese writer of novels, short stories and non-fiction. She has an MA in creative writing from the University of East Anglia and her work has been published in, amongst others, Aesthetica, Mslexia, The Telegraph, and The Times. She teaches creative writing at City University London, New York University in London and the Open University.

Emma Claire Sweeney’s short stories have been published in the UK, Ireland and the USA. She combines writing with university lecturing, community based writing residencies, and mentoring and editing services for emerging writers. Her current writing, research, and residencies all relate to links between narrative and learning disability.

DISCUSSED: what makes prose timeless; interpersonal warmth & class tension; bang slap etymologies; transgressing boundaries; opposites attract and refract; the perfect segue; SW nails his colours to the mast; ECS does some judicious defending of VW; the Desert Island Discs question; Something Rhymed; gender differences in accomodating competition in friendships


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