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RMSYL 16: Believe Me by Ali Smith (read by Tania Hershman)

 I love the fact that International Short Story Day, June 20th, is celebrated on a  solstice.That’s to say: the day the sun (sol) stands still (sistere).

Apart from the rather pleasing philological connection with short days/nights/stories, there might be other affinities too between a solstice and this literary form. Continue reading


RMSYL 3: The Universal Story by Ali Smith (read by Rachel Stroud)

Before I started this RMSYL malarkey, I didn’t know my condenser mics from my dynamics; my omnidirectionals, from my unidirectionals; my male XLRs from my 1/4 inch jack plugs.

Just point-it-at-someone’s-face directional is what I’d initially planned to do.   Continue reading