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Episode 50: Ryan Van Winkle prescribes Michael Burkard’s TOOTH

“”What the hell the tooth is doing there, I don’t know, but I love it.” Ryan Van Winkle

  Ryan Van Winkle is currently Poet in Residence at Edinburgh City Libraries following a similar stint as the Scottish Poetry Library’s first-ever Reader in Residence. This is how I first discovered him as the host of the SPL’s weekly poetry podcast which he curates with charismatic aplomb. His second collection, The Good Dark, won the Saltire Society’s 2015 Poetry Book of the Year award. His poems have appeared in New Writing Scotland, The American Poetry Review, AGNI, Poetry New Zealand and The Oxford Poets series.  DISCUSSED: Unfolding Poems; Illogical Teeth; The Lost Son; Coming Open To Closed Poems; She is Fucking/Human (Divergent Synapses Firing); The Misery That Is Going To Pass

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