RMSYL 18: Fern Hill by Dylan Thomas (read by Kit Spahr)

You might notice one or two differences about episode #32 of Read Me Something You Love. 

For starters, it’s the first one I’ve done via Skype, and it went so well, I’m planning to do a whole bunch more like this.

Face-to-face reading and chatting is always preferable, but London only has 5,667,675 readers (that’s a guesstimate, 75% of city’s population), and I quite like the idea of chatting to people inhabiting different environments, so I’m now Skype-able, world (wasserman.steve), if that’s how you’d like to read to me.

The other difference, is that this is the first non-Betsy podcast (sigh).

Betsy was my dear ol’ Dell, a millenium purchase. After having served twelve faithful years, and now struggling to play iTunes and run the internet concurrently, we both realised that the time had come for us to say our goodbyes (although you’ll be pleased to know that Betsy will be spending her dotage dreaming of electric sheep in a warm storage nook under the staircase).

Betsy will never, I repeat NEVER, be shipped off to somewhere like this.

She has been replaced by “The Dark Knight” (see photo below) who doesn’t have an ounce of Betsy’s whirring, slurring charm, but Jesus is he fast. All Intel® Core™i7, 16 GB RAM, 180 GB Solid State Drive inch of him (for those who get off on that sort of thing).

Betsy (on the right) & her replacement ‘The Dark Knight’




Previously, Betsy would take a kettle-boiling amount of time just to load up a hour-long interview on Audacity, TDK does it in seconds, and all whilst running iTunes, whizzing between 350 open tabs on Google Chrome, and number-crunching data for Cern’s Hadron Collider.

TDK electronically multi-tasks without even breaking into a hum. He’s the Roger Federer of computers: impressive but temperamentally dull.

Temperamentally fascinating and gracious are two of the many laudatory terms I would use in describing Kit Spahr who cheered me up and settled my soul last week with her reading and chat about Fern Hill. I hope, as always, that listening to her has the same effect on you.


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