RMSYL 15: How To Keep Your Day Job by Rebecca Rosenblum (read by Laura Boudreau)

O Canada.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Canada recently. Entirely in my head of course. Which is possibly the best place to explore a country, or a city as Calvino Continue reading


RMSYL 14: The Gun by Mark Haddon (read by Ted Hodgkinson)

I’m hoping I might get a few complaints about this podcast. Firstly, as this is a nominal tie-in with the new Granta 119: Britain issue, nothing really says Britain like a good old whinge. But also because the internet (as a buzzing, virtual gestalt of ourselves) is often driven and impelled by the energy of expostulation. Continue reading


RMSYL 13: I Stand Here Ironing by Tillie Olson (Read by Jean Kwok)

If you haven’t read Jean Kwok‘s short story Where The Gods Fly, you should do so right away. Three reasons (actually five, but I am culturally nudged into saying three): Continue reading


RMSYL 12: The Woman in White (excerpt) by Wilkie Collins (read by Katy Darby)

The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins (read by Katy Darby)Education.

Behind those four ceremonious syllables, a whole welter of thoughts and feelings about value, memory, interpersonal depth, and reading materials churn.

I can remember to this day with a kind of wincing shame privy only to those who have attempted to bat well above their natural aptitude, Continue reading


RMSYL 11: Netsuke [excerpt] by Rikki Ducornet (read by Saskia Vogel)

The great thing, for me, about RMSYL is the sheer diversity of readers transmitting their love of reading to me, and the texts they choose to do this with. This afternoon I was in Brompton Library listening and then later discussing Tim The Terrible Tiger with Jane, a reading volunteer. Tomorrow morning, I’m meeting Edward Espe Brown (Yes! Tassajara Bread Book  Espe Brown: 1/3 Gordon Ramsay, 1/3  Shunryu Suzuki, 1/3 Jack Kerouac.) It’s breakfast and Rumi for me +  EEB. Then on Friday Continue reading


RMSYL 10: The Day The Saucers Came by Neil Gaiman (Read By Rohit Talwar)

One day (I know this is hard to believe) Woody Allen will be no more. Even worse, you and I will be no more (which still at times feels like news to me). Continue reading


RMSYL 9: An African in Greenland by Tété-Michel Kpomassie (read by Ann Morgan)

Before the internet, if you wanted to commit yourself to a transcendental pursuit, you would need to go and stand on a pillar in a desert for a clearly circumscribed period of time, or wall yourself into an anchorage, built against a church like a seraphic-aspiring lipoma. Now, whatever your soulwork be, Continue reading


RMSYL 8: No! I Don’t Want To Join A Bookclub by Virginia Ironside (read by Joss Rossiter)


And fathers. Two people it is almost impossible for us to be neutral about. Particularly if they’re our own.   Continue reading


RMSYL 6: The Company of Wolves’ by Angela Carter (Read by Chantal Murrell)

Sometime in my 20s, I wrote a novel called Grim inspired by Angela Carter’s Wise Children.

I dimly recall my tome being plotted around twins, a fictitious rock group, a deeply neurotic mother, and some Kurt Cobain inspired suicide pact.    Continue reading


RMSYL 5: Voices Lost In Snow by Mavis Gallant (Read by Rosalind Harvey)

Mavis Gallant was our Short Story Book Club read for February. I chose Mavis after hearing Antonya Nelson read and discuss her story ‘When We Were Nearly Young‘ as a New Yorker fiction podcast.

Continue reading