RMSYL 37: What The Doctor Said by Raymond Carver (read by Nicholas Pole)

Nick Pole Reading Raymond Carver Nick Pole is good for your soul. Well, he’s good for my soul. Nick and I ran a Mindfulness Based Practitioners group together for a while, once upon a time. I remember our third or fourth session where Nick offered to do something on mindfulness and poetry for the group that month. It wasn’t the best attended of sessions, but it was the best session we had (IMHO). I think it was also at that session that I must have thought, why can’t other people see the POWER of poetry the way Nick is able to communicate the POWER of poetry? Which perhaps planted a seed for this wee project (thank you Nick). Also: if Neil Nunes ever decides to step down from continuity announcing on Radio 4 – Nick is the man to step into those BASSO PROFUNDO shoes.


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