RMSYL 21: Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak (read by Colin Heinink)

“There’s all this action going on, this rumpusing, but the bit that sticks in the head, well for me at least, is the him-and-his-Mum aspect of it. And the food still being hot.”  Colin Heinink

Colin Heinink is a primary school teacher, as well as an actor for The Woodhouse Players. Also: a bit of singing, writing, oh and a “hospital radio shock jock”. All of this paling in comparison to his phenomenally talented dog Martin who blogs about culture under the auspices of The Dog What Blogs

DISCUSSED: Text-based Monsters versus iPad Monsters; Playing at Punishment; Self-Engendered Worlds; Trying On Adult Behaviours; Post-Rumpus Sadness; The Loneliness of Responsibility; Doing “The Trick” (AKA How To Become King of The Monsters); Going “Home” to Love; Like The Way You’re Sitting; Fighting Because You Care; The Heat of Anger/Love/Dinner

Colin’s website: http://www.thedogwhatblogs.com/
Sendak’s reading of WTWTA (with pics from the book): http://bit.ly/Y1QVDd

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