RMSYL 34: The Flower by George Herbert (read by Jane Davis)

“The wonderful thing about poems is that no matter how many times you’ve read them before, they still feel new if you’re reading them in a live way.”  Jane Davis


Jane Davis is changing the way people relate to literature, to each other and to themselves through a shared reading model called ‘Get Into Reading’, which brings small groups together on a weekly basis to read books and poems aloud. Run in care homes, libraries, hostels, mental health centres, schools and prisons Get Into Reading brings literature to where people are. 

DISCUSSED: Uncomfortable Praise; Highs and Lows (Interaction); Patterns of Creativity – Losing and Finding; Smelling, Relishing, Budding; Email To A Future Self; A New Vocabulary for Mental Health; The Mother Root; Angry Fathers;  God as Inhuman?; Turning Away From Life, And Back Again; Poems as Mantras; Spacious Readings; Lines that Move Within

Read the poem online: http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/181059
The Reader Organisation: http://thereader.org.uk/about-us/
Jane’s blog: http://readerjanedavis.wordpress.com/

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