RMSYL 25: Power Lunching by E.Melvin Pinsel (read by Brian Lobel)

Brian Lobel Reading From Power Lunching by E Marvin Pinsel“The problem the whole book presents is that it’s trying to give you a strategy for getting what you want: out of people, out of things, out of a seat, an outfit, a drink. I hope, personally, my own agenda is a little bit more outward-facing.” Brian Lobel


Brian Lobel create performances about bodies: politicized bodies, marginalized bodies, dancing and singing bodies, happy bodies, sick bodies and bodies that need a little extra love. 

DISCUSSED: C-word alert (not cancer) ; existential #fail; power showers; my father for instance; charisma; I think about it every day; focus; playing games with hierarchy; the powerless pleasures of pyjama-time; aah…exhalation; our fantasies of invisible work/lavatories/side stands; how to get out of Siberia; deep vs. shallow relating; In Bed With Brian; schmoozing vs. networking; transactional loopholes that (might) lead to connection; barking teachers; the guest’s agenda


Brian’s website: http://www.blobelwarming.com
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