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Episode 40: Claire Shanahan prescribes Louis MacNeice’s STAR-GAZER

Reading a poem with someone is not that dissimilar to a spot of star-gazing. A good poem always has that moment (two or three if you’re lucky) where you feel the emotional-cognitive equivalent of hinging the head back, ciliary muscles in the eyes relaxing, pupils widening to take in the vastness of Everything Out There. This is often accompanied by a sigh of relief as we take a short break from the struggles of Everything In Here. So kick back and settle down for some star-gazing with myself, Claire Shanahan, and Louis MacNeice.


RMSYL 2: The Owl Critic by James Thomas Fields (read by Gabor Kovacs)


One of the pleasures of doing RMSYL is being open to the experience of how other people’s enthusiasms will wing their way into your life and get you all gee’d up about stories or poems you might never have glanced at twice.

Having someone say “This story/poem/passage is so bloody brilliant I’m going to invite you round to my gaff, sit you down with a cup of tea, and read it to you!” means that you’re more likely than not to be infected by their enthusiasm.

Which is exactly what happened when I got an email from Gabor Kovacs, Continue reading

RMSYL 1: Away To Moonlight by Darcy Niland (read by Megg Hewlett)

There is perhaps nothing as moving and transcendent as having someone read to you something that they truly and utterly love. The atavistic thrill of this activity may (as many atavistic thrills)  stem from childhood where a parent, grandparent, or favourite aunt or uncle read to us something that they probably adored when they were young.

Can you remember, the two of you sitting together, cosily reading and probably discussing what you were reading as you went along? Not in any highfaluting way, but just partaking in the experience of feeling alive in the shared consumption of a story or a poem?

In a bid to capture that special feeling as much as possible this year, I am going to be sending lots of emails to lots of people I know and lots of people I don’t know requesting of them very simply: “Read Me Something You Love, Please.” Continue reading