RMSYL 10: The Day The Saucers Came by Neil Gaiman (Read By Rohit Talwar)

One day (I know this is hard to believe) Woody Allen will be no more. Even worse, you and I will be no more (which still at times feels like news to me). Of course we hope for Woody (and ourselves) that this is a long way off in the future. Particularly for Woody, as I pray on an almost daily basis now that he might yet have another Annie Hall in him somewhere midst the almost-as-good-as-his-best shlock we have to contend with on a yearly basis. But when he does finally pop his clogs, I’ll probably just about make it through the bereavement thanks to Rohit Talwar. Rohit is about as close as you will ever get to Woody Allen circa AH. He is of course much, much more than this quintessence of Woody, but it’s still fun reminding oneself via reifications of people you admire that a part of them is possibly breathing the same air you breathe, sitting in the same Wetherspoons pub at your Short Story Book Club (which is where we met), both of us drinking a beverage that The Uber Neurotic Bespectacled One would probably never touch, not even with an extremely elongated clarinet (I see him as more an alcopops man). Guinness, we were drinking. What else can I tell you? Rohit has cool glasses, I have cool glasses; we both drink Guinness. This is all you really need to know in order to fully appreciate his great reading of Mr Gaiman’s poem, and our ensuing discussion. Enjoy (we did).


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