Episode 47: Nikesh Shukla prescribes Dave Eggers’s YOU KNOW HOW TO SPELL ELIJAH

Whilst preparing this podcast for your tympanic membranes, I’ve found myself again and again drawn to YouTube  in order to get an eyeful of pants. And because these pants are American, I of course mean trousers.   You might know them as harem pants, aladdin pants, balloon pants, drop crotch pants, pantaloons (pluderhosen and pumphosen for all the yodellers in the house). But on the whole, even if not designating the item a tag, a tranche of X-Genners and perhaps even a small sliver of Y-Genner, might hang these swooshy bits of fabric in their lexicon under Hammer Pants. I’m not really watching this video for the pants. Although the pants do add to the experience of goofy cheer that blitzes my eyeballs and earholes whenever Can’t Touch This starts playing, what I’m really wanting I suppose is a kind of feeling, a sense of floating, swirling, all-rightness. I also think it’s because at some level, an unconscious part of my “brainbox” (your first Shuklerism of the day) needs me to appreciate that this is what Nikesh and Dave are all about too. Can you hear we were having fun recording this? If this is the kind of fun you dig (and who doesn’t dig this kind of fun, especially on a Friday) there’s more, more and even more of it over at Nikesh’s own Subaltern Podcast. And if you like your Shuklerisms served up fresh and cinamony (I do), I would also wholeheartedly recommend you follow him on Twitter where he’s banging out this stuff 24/7 FOR FREE. Slave labour I call it. He calls them tweets.


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