RMSYL 22: The Folding Star by Alan Hollinghurst (read by Charles Adrian Gillot)

“I’m always very pleased when I start going out with somebody and I find they have a habit that annoys me, yet I I still like them. That’s a minor triumph for me, that’s romantic.”        Charles Adrian Gillot


Charles Adrian Gillot is an actor, writer and film-maker with interests spanning devised theatre, performance, improvisation, second-hand books, and podcasting. His wonderful Page One podcast gets guests to bring in books that they like as well as a book that they think he should have. Through discussion about these, they get to know each other a bit better. All accompanied by lashings of good music.  Here’s one we did together. 

DISCUSSED: The Carnal Discomforts of Sex in Tents, Being Cornered in Your Own Head, Filtering, Pretending To Be Sophisticated, The Delusion or Otherwise of Being in Love, Predatory Hugs vs. Comforting Ones.

Adrian: http://charlesadrian.typepad.com/
Page One (podcast): http://charlesadrian.typepad.com/pageone/

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